I’m building this site to support a book project. It replaces an older site that you can see here.

Material from my Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota presentation of Sept 2017 is here.

About the author

John Faughnan is a father of two persons with atypical minds. He’s writing a book to share what he’s learned over the past five years of promoting independence and responsible smartphone use for persons with autism and cognitive disabilities who need external support.

In addition to his experience as a parent John is a family physician, a specialist in medical informatics, and decades of experience in software development.

You can contact John at jf@sphone4all.com


iPhones for Explorers: Managing passwords

From a book chapter on managing Explorer passwords (credentials): — Every Explorer digital identity involves, at the least, a “name” for the Explorer and a password. Almost all involve an email address for communication, password resets and (alas) marketing. Most now require a mobile number. Sometimes these things are called “credentials” but for simplicity I’ll …

iPhones for all: Book chapter on configuring Explorer notifications

From the chapter on “Simplifying the iPhone”: iPhone apps have many ways to get an Explorer’s attention. They can beep, flash[1], display red circles on icons, and show “banners”. Banners are text and images that can stay or fade, and they can appear over apps, on the notification screen, and on the lock screen. Yes, …