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Material from my Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota presentation of Sept 2017 is here.

About the author

John Faughnan is a father of two persons with atypical minds. He’s writing a book to share what he’s learned over the past five years of promoting independence and responsible smartphone use for persons with autism and cognitive disabilities who need external support.

In addition to his experience as a parent John is a family physician, a specialist in medical informatics, and decades of experience in software development.


Google’s WiFi hub has many Explorer-friendly features

Google has built out “Family” features on their Wi-Fi Hub. They’ve just added Site Blocking. These are great tools for assisting young Explorers in particular. We have Apple WiFi in our home; it’s done well but Apple’s management tools are weak. My book doesn’t dig into home networking advice, but if it did I’d recommend Google WiFi.

Image management on iPhone is a mess for Explorers … and everyone else

Today I worked on my chapter on Photos and Video management for Guides and Explorers. Before I could write out about how to incorporate still images into Notes as a memory tool I felt I had to address issues with managing storage demands of video and still images for an Explorer’s iPhone. Ironically this hasn’t …


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