The state of the book – August 2018

When I started my book project a part of me thought it would take about 6 months. A little voice, however, said I would take years. Even then I knew the little voice was right. My only consolation was that I was pretty sure nobody else would be crazy enough to tackle this project.

I started in the fall of 2015, so it’s been about 3 years. When I began I was going to handle both Android and iOS smartphones in one book. I gave up on that idea over a year ago, it’s iPhone only now. Maybe one day I’ll do an Android version, but no promises on that.

During the past year I’ve chipped away at the project for a few hours on Sunday mornings and the odd vacation days (like today). I now have second and third drafts for the contents of these chapters (from Scrivener):

Book Chapters

It’s still a long way from done. My current goal is to get 1st edition out by spring 2019 (iOS 12) and a 2nd edition for iOS 13. I’ll be self-publishing of course.

With iOS 12 I have to rewrite the “Setting up” (includes restrictions/parental controls) chapter completely. That’s a good thing; the current version is too complex and detailed. I’m going to redo it focusing on the highest value basics and either give up on the fine points or move them into an appendix. Throughout the book I have screenshots to do and redo and, of course, lots of editing and proofreading and revising. I think I have the right topics and base material though.

One day, one way or another, barring catastrophe, I’ll finish the book.


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