Why it’s a good idea to monitor email of a vulnerable adult

#1 got this email today:

Isn’t **** is one of your pass? My name is Aubert. 

Porn site you watched had my backdoor planted which taped a video of your greasy stimulating actions with the help of your cam and even taped the clip you were playing. In the video recording you happen to be appearing pleasing. 

Your current email and FB contacts were then sent to me by my malware. 

I’ll email your recording to your friends unless you pay me $1000 via B I T C O I N S in the next 36 hours to the below address: 
B I T C O I N Address: **** 
Make sure to Copy-Paste address because it is case sensitive. 

Once you have sent the money, I will destroy your video and every bit of information I have about you. 

If I do not receive the money, I will send your video to every contact of yours. Think concerning the awkwardness you will get. and likewise if you are in an important relationship, how it will eventually affect? 

If you want proof? Reply “Yes”, and I will email your recording to eight of your email contactsinstantly. 

Yours truly 

This is why it’s a good idea to monitor the email of a vulnerable adult. I’d probably wouldn’t notice this email, I’d delete it in my sleep. A vulnerable adult doesn’t think that way. They are prey.

Our Explorer emails forward incoming email to us, so we caught this one immediately. I deleted it before #1 read it, but I printed a copy to teach him about these scams.


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