Netflix accounts can be purchased with a gift card

We learned today that it’s not hard to create an individual Netflix account for an Explorer without the risks of automated credit card or debit car withdrawals (overdrafts, lack of expense control, tracking of spend, etc).

A Netflix account can be funded by a Netflix gift card. Our Explorer paid me cash from his job, I bought him a Netflix gift card on Amazon. When I set up his account I used the Gift card option. It worked. It will be interesting to see what happens when he exhausts the Gift Card fund. I’ll update this post when I learn that.

There is a bug in the process to beware of. Even after entering the Gift card Netflix tries to get a debit or credit card. You can continue without this, but if you click the credit/debit option there’s no control to continue without entering the data. I had to close the window. When I reopened Netflix asked me to finish my Explorer’s signup. I did that and chose the “Continue” option.


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