Apple “Ask to Buy” isn’t useful for managing app installation by children or Explorers

Apple’s Family Sharing has an “Ask to Buy” option for users (Explorers) under the age of 18 [1].

It seems like a good option for managing installation of apps and media. It isn’t. It’s only a good option for managing initial purchases. 

If an app or media has been previously purchased by a family member or by the Explorer, it can be downloaded without creating a request to the Family Organizer [2]. 

Incidentally, the way Family Sharing works family members over 18 can download without Ask to Buy and the Family Organizer will be charged for the app. Apple really doesn’t want adults using Family Sharing, including dependent adults.

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[1] Most of Apple’s parental control features only work when their Apple ID birthdate gives a calculated age of under 18. A birthdate over age 13 can be changed, a birthdate under 13 cannot be changed.

[2] If you try this by the way you’ll see a longstanding problem with family sharing by the way. There’s nothing in the initial display to show that a commercial app is free to download. A family member user only learns it’s free after they request it and are told it’s available for free.


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