Smartphone independence – getting more feedback

Do you know parents or guardians of adults or children with a cognitive disability who would like help with iPhone setup and getting the most value (and least harm) from an iPhone as a life aid?

I’m available to help with them with this – free of charge. I hope to get some real-world feedback to advance my stalled book project ( or identify a different approach to community needs (ex: screencasts)

Some sample topics:

1. Using Screen Time and Screen Time remote for different ages and abilities.

2. Location sharing, navigation and transit including Lyft/Uber.

3. Calendaring and shared calendars.

4. Memory aides: notes and reminders.

5. Managing risk: scams and attacks

6. Messaging and email

7. AirTag use to reduce lost items.

8. Managing Family Sharing purchases with adult family members (this is a hard problem).

9. Facebook management

10. Managing the lost or disabled iPhone

11. Credentials: managing passwords, which to use, managing two-factor authentication with delegation.

I can only do iPhones unfortunately. At this time I would be working with guardians or parents.

Contact me at: